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Introducing Lower Sliding Trays

Introducing Lower Sliding Trays Image
Oct 06, 2014

By now, you know that SlideZilla's elevated sliding tray (EST) doubles the storage capacity of your full size pick up truck bed.  The SlideZilla monster storage solution is now available in a lower sliding tray.  SlideZilla LST has a 1,000 lb capacity tray for 6.5 and 8 ft truck beds.  Offering a 48.5” wide and 4” high tray, the Lower Sliding Tray maximizes the storage space between the wheel wells.  It has 6 sealed roller bearings on a powder coated steel frame and can be mounted separately or together with the SlideZilla Elevated Sliding Tray, doubling your sliding storage capacity and giving you easy access to all your cargo.


The LST4876 and LST4895 fits in 6 1/2 and 8 ft beds, respectively. 

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