Frequently Asked Questions

Monster Durability

  • How much does a SlideZilla bed slide hold?
  • SlideZilla can hold up to 1,000 lbs.
  • How much does SlideZilla weigh?
  • SlideZilla varies in weight depending on the tray and frame kit you choose. Here are what those components weigh in at:
    • EST-LDF-5866 – 58X66 - 75 lbs.
    • EST-LDF-5873 – 58X73 - 78 lbs.
    • EST-LDF-5876 – 58X76 - 80 lbs.
    • EST-LDF-5880 – 58X80 – 82 lbs.
    • EST-LDF-5895 – 58X95 – 85lbs.
    • EST-LDT-5842 – 58X42 - 125 lbs.
    • EST-LDT-5865 – 58X65 - 145 lbs.
    • EST-LDT-5875 – 58x75 -  155 lbs.
  • How high are the perimeter side rails?
  • The SlideZilla perimeter side rails are 1-3/8" tall.
  • What materials are used to build SlideZilla?
  • SlideZilla is made in America by MOR/ryde International, Inc., one of the nation's top metal fabrication companies. All SlideZilla products feature a design that combines a powder-coated steel frame with a heavy-duty laminated deck. Durable stainless steel bearings and a rubberized skid-proof tray complete the design.

Monster Usability

  • How far does SlideZilla extend?
  • The long tray extends out 66% and allows access to the bottom bed. The medium tray extends 60% past the truck bed for a monstrous 38" of accessibility. The short tray extends 40%, or 16" past the truck bed for easy access. SlideZilla also features multiple lockouts to keep you safe when loading cargo on the extended deck.
  • Can I drive with SlideZilla in the extended position?
  • It is extremely unsafe to drive with SlideZilla in the extended position.
  • How high does SlideZilla sit above the truck bed?
  • Thanks to SlideZilla's top-tray design, there is 13" of space below the deck, creating SlideZilla's patented double-deck design.
  • Can I haul an ATV with SlideZilla?
  • Most certainly. Equipped with multiple tie-downs, SlideZilla is ready to haul any ATV weighing in under 1,000 lbs.
  • Can a sheet of plywood fit onto a SlideZilla tray?
  • The long tray can accommodate several sheets of plywood (with room to spare below).
  • How long does it take to install?
  • SlideZilla takes about an hour to install. Two people are required to install the tray.
  • Can I install a SlideZilla with liner or mat in the bed?
  • SlideZilla specifications are based on factory truck beds. Added truck accessories may affect installation.
  • Can the SlideZilla tray be removed easily?
  • Most certainly! Simply remove the two stop brackets from the tray by removing the four screws. That's it! The tray pulls right out, and no tools are required.

Monster Warranty

  • Does SlideZilla have a warranty?
  • At SlideZilla, we back our products with a comprehensive 5-year warranty, to the original owner upon registration, within one month after purchase. So while you may have a monster in your bed, rest easy knowing it’s the kind you can sleep well with at night.
  • Where is the serial number located?
  • The tray's serial number is located near the front of the tray on the underside of the front channel. On the frame, the serial number can be found on the inside of the frame near the tube-cross member.